EMDs, F7As, F7Bs, & RDCs,

and some Kenworth!

Hi! Welcome to the Diesel House!

The Diesel House is a fun place for model railroaders to get tips,ideas & etc. If you are a junior model railroader lookin' to get started with HO or N scale, you've come to the right place! Its also a great website to get tips on Video games to play. Its also the perfect place to get cheats and tips for MINECRAFT! As you might know I am the owner of the minecraft account "PirateKid1562" and I have a future Youtube channel on the way with my friend and I will notify once its done! I know the website is a bit blank but I will add more stuff later on.

How to find me playing Minecraft:

I can be usually found playing Lifeboat Skyblock

Check me out on Planet Minecraft (Community made Minecraft fansite)! I have maps, skins, blogs and more! It has alot of ads but it doesn't scam you or put viruses on your computor. : ) My Planet Minecraft account